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Fire Resistance test

On 05.05.2011 OWA carried out in ITB Institute (Institute of Building Technique -Warsaw (Poland)) the Fire Resistance test for the OWAtecta cleanRoom partition with a mineral wool core.

In the 22nd minute of the test, the thermocouples registered the over-increment of the mean temperature value of the tested wall sample which led to the failure of the I – parameter (insulation).

The established classification – EI 15 authorize the OWA company to use the tested partition system with a mineral wool core whenever the fire resistance of the lever of EI 15 is required, which means that the tested system can be used in the majority of design cases.


From 2006 OWA Polska has been supplying a high-end modular wall and ceiling systems dedicated to rooms with higher hygienic standards or with defined clean class which a given area has to fulfill.

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