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List of the most important certificates for the OWAtecta cleanRoom wall and ceiling systems:

  • European Technical Approval nr ETA-08/0258 for the non-loadbearing partitions;
  • The CE mark for partitions for conformity with ETA-08/0258 and the CE mark for the ceiling system for conformity with EN 13964. The list of basic tests presented below:
    • Ceiling panels (uniformly distributed and point load);
    • Wall panels (pressure/suction, impact resistance for the soft and hard body, line load and air tightness under pressure);
    • Load bearing capacity of the hangers and main load bearing profiles;
    • The release of volatile organic substances and asbestos for wall and ceiling panels;
    • Natural radioactivity of mineral wool cored panels;
    • The examination of the organic coating used to protect wall and ceiling panels.
  • Fire resistance class EI20 for mineral wool cored panel (system L and Q) in accordance with 13501-2+A1:2010;
  • Reaction to fire class in accordance with EN 13501-1:
    • For all system types, regardless of the core type B-s2,d0;
    • Powder coated aluminum profiles A2-s2,d0;
  • The Hygienic attestation for partition system HK/B/1231/01/2010 ;
  • The Hygienic attestation for silicone HK/B/0283/01/2007 ;

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